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2016 Registration

It's time to register for the 2016 season.

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The club is urging all those players that have yet to register to please do so as soon as possible. The club will soon be nominating teams to Hockey WA for season 2016 and we need to make sure that we have enough teams to provide spots for all players. We will be using the registration data to make the decision on how many teams to nominate to Hockey WA, hence the importance of registering your interest to play now.

Please note: If you have not registered you cannot play, and to be registered you must pay your fees at the time of registration. Please see below for more details on how to register and payment options.

We hope you had a fantastic off season break and are ready to get stuck into the 2016 season. With preseason now upon us it's time to start thinking of Registration Day on the 13th of February at the clubrooms from 10am to 2pm.

We are moving to an entirely electronic registration and payment system in 2016 – there will be no paper forms. We will be requesting payment at registration time (by Credit Card).

Please note, if you are one of the following:

  • Claim KidSport - Please pay your registration fees as normal, but send through the KidSport details to your local council. Once we receive payment from the Council, then we will refund you the grant amount (up to $200).
  • Coaches - If playing, please pay fees as normal; if you are a parent, not playing but want to coach then please pay your children's registration fees as normal. Once coaches are appointed, then refunds will be paid depending on your coaching commitments.
  • Financial Constraints - For those who are under financial constraints such as students, then pre-arrange payment terms with the Treasurer prior to registration.
  • Don't have a credit card - Please pre-arrange payment with the Treasurer prior to registration.
  • Any other arrangement - Please pre-arrange payment with the Treasurer prior to registration at
Single Competition Senior Players
 2016 Fee
Senior Weekend Grass (Men's Vets and Women's Metro)
Senior Weekend Turf (Men's and Women's) $600
Mid-Week Turf (Men's Vets and Women's Vets)
Senior Goalie (Player supplies own kit)  $200
 Senior Casual Player (Up to 6 games, after that $40/game or Full Membership)
Life Member of NCR
Student Full-Time / Apprentice (Any grade on Grass)
Student Full-Time / Apprentice (Any grade on Turf)
Social Member (Non-Playing)


Two Competition Senior Players (Weekend plus Mid-Week)

Pay the relevant weekend competition registration fee at the time of registration, plus pay $15 per mid-week game played. Mid-week team manager to collect fees from players and pay the Treasurer monthly.


2016 Fee
Junior - Y11/12
Junior - Y9/10
 Junior - Y7/8
 Junior - Y5/6
Junior - 9's
Junior Goalie (Club supplies the kit)
Junior Goalie (Player supplies the kit)



All students or apprentices have to present their current year enrollment forms or apprenticeship paperwork.

If you play more than 6 games you are classified as a full time member of the club and therefore have to pay full fees.

A 50% refund of full fees is available if a player get's injured and plays less than 6 games.

Midweek players $15 per game, Manager to collect and pay the club monthly.

Coaches - to be appointed by the club, payment / refunds paid after appointment as follows:

  • Player coaching Juniors (11/12 - 9's) - $300
  • Non-Player coaching Juniors (11/12 - 9's) $200
  • All other appointments to be notified of payment
  • Note: One coach per team only

You can access our Registration Website at

Registrations open February 1st 2016


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